Puppy Run

Puppy Run, originally released in 2017, is a Scratch game I made where players can run and jump over spikes. In the V4 update, the project received two side games for more variability and for more people.

Looking for the other games included with the package? You can view their separate pages here:

Version Evolution

The humble beginnings of Puppy Run, just running and jumping over spikes was the only thing you could do.

Puppy Run's first massive version update, bringing new colors and features to the game.

Puppy Run's big V3 changed the entire look of the game and added countless features. Beautiful!

Puppy Run's recent update turned the game into a collection of games. The most famous one being Puppy Run.

Meet the Characters!

There's a whole variety of them, all waiting to play! You can learn about them by clicking on the image. You won't learn about their gameplay skills but more about how they got into Puppy Run and some background information about them. Click here for more.

If a character isn't there yet, check it later. It takes time to work on this website (especially with school).

Tips and Tricks

  • You can press P or the pause button while playing to pause the game.

  • Different characters jump at different heights. To switch characters, do Settings > Gameplay > Costume and choose your character.

  • Puppy's Tutorial Room has some information, you might want to use it.

  • If you are stuck, press O and you will immediately exit Puppy Run.

  • Try finding some more on this website.

Ways to Play

Play the project directly from the Scratch Website

Puppy Run but it runs much faster and much smoother.

Want to download Puppy Run? Click the button above!