Meet the Characthers


The original Puppy Run character! He was the first one to run and jump over spikes. He's very happy to have his pals Kitty and Gobo, along with his ever-expanding friends.


Puppy's closest friend is Kitty. Kitty loves playing Puppy Run. Kitty also made his own game called Kitty Jump! A pretty fun game indeed.


Gobo the alien only has two friends. Puppy and Kitty. Gobo thinks Puppy Run is a cool game and I'd have to agree with him. He enjoys talking to his family about his in-game experiences.


Mario, the unstoppable hero wanted to practice his skills. He then found a game called Puppy Run which he likes. Mario is happy and Super, when he plays.


The lover of everything pink and the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, has came to play Puppy Run! She found out about this game when Mario was in it. She felt jealous, so she became a character too! BTW, she is still jealous.

More characters will get added soon!